Süreli Sergiler


Side by Side: The Yüksel-Nurdan Erimtan Collection

Curator: Döne Otyam

The “Side by Side” exhibition featured paintings and sculptures from the rich collection of Erimtan Archeology and Arts Museum’s founder Yüksel Erimtan and his partner Nurdan Erimtan, showcasing the progression of the arts in Turkey. This group exhibition, which featured works by influential Turkish artists such as Abidin Dino, Avni Arbaş, Burhan Doğançay, Hasan Pekmezci, Mustafa Ayaz, Turan Erol, and Zafer Gençaydın, also emphasized the important role of collecting in the development of the arts scene in Ankara.

Döne Otyam served as the art director on this exhibition and Prof. Dr. Kıymet Giray penned its catalogue.