Weekend Educational Workshops

One of the most important terms related to modern museology is “museum education,” otherwise referred to as “learning at the museum.” When practiced effectively, this term, which relies on interaction, aims to help individuals partake in ongoing, lifetime learning.

Erimtan Archeology and Arts Museum, which has adopted this learning-based approach, designs various educational events with themes surroundıng the museum collection and timed exhibitions. During these events, children explore the museum grounds, the pieces in the collection, and the lifestyles of ancient civilizations, while practicing their creativity and improving their handcraft skills.

During the weekend activities that focus on audience participation, attendees generate and apply new ideas that help strengthen their ties to arts and culture.

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Examples of Weekend Children's Workshops

Yoga for Kids Through Mythological Stories (Ages 4+)
Our yoga classes, which can be customized for various age groups and special days, allow kids to relax their bodies and minds as they move, while learning about the stories of mythological creatures and myths from ancient civilizations.

Colorful Pots (Ages 4-6, Ages 7+)
This educational workshop is focused on analyzing and commenting on the forms of, and motifs and ornaments on the baked clay pots and pans that are part of the museum collection. Participants get a chance to paint the pre-baked pots with finger-paint or acrylic.

Fashion in Rome (Ages 8+)
This workshop teaches participants about the dress codes in Ancient Rome and the names of various Roman articles of clothing. Attendees cut out clothes from various fabrics and dress paper dolls provided to them by the museum.

Clay Jewellery (Ages 8+)
This workshop explores the jewellery from Ancient Greece, Urartu, and Rome that are part of the museum collection, studying the images and ornaments on each, as well as the minerals and techniques used in their making. Participants create their own jewellery designs using clay at the end of this workshop.

Theater Mask Workshop (Ages 12+)
This workshop features a museum tour that is focused on works related to theater, entertainment, games and music, teaches participants about Tragedy and Comedy, as well as the roots of the sock and buskin masks. Students create their own theater masks using various materials at the end of the workshop.

Antique Weaving Workshop (Ages 8+)
This workshop begins with a brainstorm on the types of materials and plants that might have been used in the weaving of the ancient fabrics found in the museum exhibition hall. Afterwards, participants build their own looms from cardboard pieces and partake in a weaving exercise using colored strings and ribbons.

Antique Crown Workshop (Ages 8+)
As part of this workshop, participants learn about the different types of jewellery, their ornaments, the qualities of their owners and their lifestyles through the pieces that are part of the museum’s collection. Using gold colored foil, they make their own crowns.

My Museum (Ages 8+)
Following a conversation on the different types of museums, exhibition styles and features of museums, participants partake in an exploratory tour of the museum to learn about its collection and architecture. Afterwards, participants design their dream museums using recycled material from the studio.

Time Capsule (Ages 8+)
In this workshop, attendees learn about the concepts such as archives and memory, and create their own time capsules following the instructions provided by the museum staff.

Family Workshops
Our family workshops center around the museum collection and temporary exhibitions, and offer participants an opportunity to enjoy their time together at the museum while learning simultaneously.