Educational Workshops For Weekday School Groups

One of the most important terms related to modern museology is “museum education,” otherwise referred to as “learning at the museum.” When practiced effectively, this term, which relies on interaction, aims to help individuals partake in ongoing, lifetime learning.

Erimtan Archeology and Arts Museum, which has adopted this learning-based approach, designs various educational events with themes surroundıng the museum collection and timed exhibitions. During these events, children explore the museum grounds, the pieces in the collection, and the lifestyles of ancient civilizations, while practicing their creativity and improving their handcraft skills.

During the weekday school trips and weekend activities that focus on audience participation, attendees generate and apply new ideas that help strengthen their ties to arts and culture.

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Education Workshops Applied to School Groups

Urartu Belts (Ages 4-6, Ages 10+)
Participants design Urartu belts that tell stories from their own lives in this workshop that explores and comments on the artwork from the part of the collection that belong to the Urartu period.

Shape Hunting at the Museum (Ages 4-6)
This workshop allows participants to observe geometric shapes within the context of the museum and draw connections between the works in the museum and various geometric concepts. They also get a chance to color pots that have been illustrated on cardboard.

Antique Coins (Ages 6-7 yaş, Ages 8+)
This workshop explores the ways in which trade was conducted during ancient times, as well as the invention of money, through the museum’s coin collection. Participants tap into their creativity and design their own imagined country’s money.

Clay Tablet Workshop (Ages 9+)
In this workshop, which centers around Ancient Anatolian and Mesopotamian civilizations and the invention of writing, participants write letters on the clay tablets they’ve created, using ancient alphabets.

Clay Pot Workshop (Ages 9+)
This workshop studies pot forms from the Ancient Rome, Urartu, and Hittite periods, presenting an opportunity for participants to create their own clay pots.

Museum Media Workshop (Ages 12+)
This workshop allows attendees to make connections between the information they learn about the museum, its collection and social media, and ultimately asks each student to design a post for the museum’s various social media accounts.

From Myths to Pots (Ages 7+)
This workshop studies the various pots and plates in the museum’s collection that feature mythological scenes, and gives attendees the chance to draw about the mythological stories they’ve learned about on pots that have previously been drawn on cardboard.

"Apicius" Recipes (Ages 9+)
This workshop, which is named after the Roman gourmet Marcus Gavius Apicius’ cookbook that is part of the museum collection, is centered around his recipes and aims to make attendees understand and interpret dining rituals during the Roman period through items in the museum collection and the numerous interactive panels. Participants end the workshop by designing a cookbook cover for “Apicius.”

Clay Figures Workshop (Ages 7+)
This educational program aims to teach participants the differences between sculptures and figurines, reasons for creating both, their various forms, and the materials used in their creation. Participants get the opportunity to design their own clay figurines.

Everything About Me Workshop (Ages 8+)
In this workshop, participants learn about museums and museology, and discuss the various types of museums that exist around the world. Following the instructions provided to them by the museum staff, they design a museum that express their own identities inside a paper bag.

Guided Museum and Exhibition Tours
Guided tours show participants around the museum collection and temporary exhibitions.